MadBoy CUBE XL is BIGGER, STRONGER and MEANER than its little brother CUBE!


Imagine the best all-in-one system you have ever seen. Add there AM/FM radio, DSP processor with 99 different effect for vocals and 4.3 TFT screen. 


The best quality digital key control, navigation, direct access to tracks and other common control buttons on front panel are also something you will not want to give up once you have tried them.


MadBoy do not compromise on quality. You can feel it once you turn the unit on. Soft but clear penetrating sound is something you are not used to hearing when using all-in-one systems. Because MadBoy makes its own speaker elements, this is what makes this incredible sound possible for a product in this price range.


All demanding singers respect MadBoy's DSP processor with 99 pre-set effects for microphones and the ability to adjust both mic channel equalizers separately. These should have been basic features in every all-in-one system...but they are available only now by MadBoy!


With its USB 2.0 port, you can connect the CUBE XL to a hard drive with 1TB of space incredibly easy. Watch your photos or videos, play your favourite music or karaoke songs from the USB thumb drive or external hard drive.


No need for many cables, all you will need is power and you are good to go!


Has karaoke entertainment ever been easier?



MadBoy CLEARHEAD pro-quality monitoring headphones, gives you sound, as it is played.

It's the perfect tool for KJs & DJs. They love to use them because of the extremely high quality audio sound.

It works great with computers, iPods, game consoles, MP3-players and is a daily tool for studios and musicians.

It’s closed ear pads are cushioned for comfort. They are so comfortable you can use them for watching TV or listening to music from your phone.



Party is going on, but the wireless mics are running low on battery power! 
People are full of energy but mics are not... 
A familiar situation to anyone who use wireless microphones. With MadBoy’s U-TUBE 20R wireless dual channel rechargeable microphone set, battery power will be a thing of the past.

The set consists of two high-quality microphones, charging unit and receiver with LCD-display. Microphones operate in the safe UHF band 863-865MHz. That operation range will remain in wireless use after the coming range changes in Europe. 

Metallic receiver is made for hard durable gig use. The device's display shows Audio/RF signal and used frequency. From rear panel you can access balanced XLR outputs and unbalanced 6.3 jack output. On/off switch and both channel volume controls are placed on from panel.

Handheld microphones are made of high quality materials. You can feel the quality as soon as you take the microphone in your hand. Sound is velvety soft but at the same time crystal clear. The sound quality is perfect for all kinds of singers and different voices. Both microphones are powered by two rechargeable AA-size NiMH batteries, which can be easily replaced if necessary. Microphones are protected by circuits, which prevents annoying pop-sounds when opening and closing. 
With the charging unit you can charge both microphones simultaneously or separately, as you want. A light indicates when charging is complete.  

Headset and lavalier microphones and bodypack with instrument cable optional.