MadBoy BONEHEAD-208 is a great sounding pair of active, self powered 8" speakers. 

They can also be used as a stand alone PA solution. Because the BONEHEAD-208 doesn't need an external amplifier, you can plug a microphone directly in and control its volume and echo. You also have controls for bass, treble and overall volume of the speakers. BONEHEAD -208 can be used even without an external mixer if needs must. You can connect it with any player, mixer or other audio device. 

Because of the design of the BONEHEAD-208, you can use them as the main speakers to your sound system or as a floor or wall monitor. 

You want to choose MadBoy BONEHEAD-208 speakers for singing karaoke, when power, and quality is needed.



MadBoy SCREAMER-310 are a great sounding pair of Karaoke speakers. 
It is said, a system is only as good as the weakest part of it is. Do not waist your quality sounding karaoke system with Hi-Fi speakers, which are only made for listening to music from discs or with P.A. speakers which are designed for playing guitar or other musical instruments. 

MadBoy SCREAMER-310 are made for SINGING KARAOKE! 

Whether you need speaker for home entertainment or professional use, you can be sure that SCREAMER-310 are what you need. 10” woofer with two tweeter bass reflex speaker provides a smooth, clear, rich fuller sound. 

As with all MadBoy products, SCREAMER-310 are stylish in design. It's not enough for it to sound the part, it also needs to look the part. 

Stop playing with toys and get yourself a pair of speakers to be proud of. MadBoy speakers.