MadBoy® is internationally registered trademark and it has been created by a group of international karaoke and music business professionals in Finland. We are manufacturer of reasonable priced premium quality karaoke and music products. Because this is our own production, we can guarantee the consumer excellent quality at competitive prices. Our products are always certificated according to the countries destination safety and quality requirements.

MadBoy® equipment is covered by worldwide warranty. MadBoy® warranty runs in every country where there is an official MadBoy® dealer organization, regardless of where the product was purchased. Already from the beginning we have made a lot of effort to satisfy our clients. We also want our clients to notice that MadBoy® products are safe to buy and own.

Our company works adhering to strong ethical and moral principles. That is why we pay attention to environmental questions and we take it extremely seriously. MadBoy® products are manufactured according to European Union’s RoHs-directive, which means that our products do not contain materials which are harmful to the environment. We do not supply these products only for the European market, we supply these products for whole world.  The well being of everyone is very important for us.