We Ship Worldwide!

From our warehouse in Finland, we are able to ship to nearly any address in the world.

The cost of delivery calculated during checkout is based on weight of the package and its destination. Shipping options are available at multiple price points and delivery times for your convenience. During checkout, you will be presented the available shipping options and prices.

What about duties, customs, and additional fees?

Please be aware that all non-European Union orders, no matter which shipping option is used, may be subject to additional duties, import taxes, or brokerage or customs fees upon delivery. These fees are calculated by customs officials and are difficult to estimate prior to shipment. Whilewe take steps to minimize or eliminate the cost of importing for our
customers, we are required by law to provide accurate information to customs officials.

Delays in customs are becoming increasingly common. Final delivery may take longer to some international destinations due to border restrictions and potential holds at customs. Unfortunately, we cannot control or prevent this type of delay.

By placing an order on our website, you are responsible for original shipping charges, all applicable custom fees and the cost of return shipping back to us. This also applies to any shipments that are refused by you at delivery.

For further information, please feel free to contact us info@madboy-audio.com