Platinum Artists: Showaddywaddy (CDG)

Platinum Artists: Showaddywaddy (CDG)

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  1. A Little Bit Of Soap- Showaddywaddy
  2. Chain Gang- Showaddywaddy
  3. Come On, Let's Go- Showaddywaddy
  4. Dancin' Party- Showaddywaddy
  5. Heartbeat- Showaddywaddy
  6. Heavenly- Showaddywaddy
  7. Hey Mister Christmas- Showaddywaddy
  8. Hey Rock And Roll- Showaddywaddy
  9. I Wonder Why- Showaddywaddy
  10. Personality- Showaddywaddy
  11. Pretty Little Angel Eyes- Showaddywaddy
  12. Remember Then- Showaddywaddy
  13. Rock 'N' Roll Lady- Showaddywaddy
  14. Sea Cruise- Showaddywaddy
  15. Sweet Music- Showaddywaddy
  16. Three Steps To Heaven- Showaddywaddy
  17. Trocadero- Showaddywaddy
  18. Under The Moon Of Love- Showaddywaddy
  19. When- Showaddywaddy
  20. Why Do Lover Break Each... (Key:D)- Showaddywaddy
  21. You've Got What It Takes- Showaddywaddy
  22. Why Do Lovers Break Each... (Key:C)- Showaddywaddy




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