Karaoke without scratched discs taking up all your shelf space? Buy one song at a time, online, and directly to your player? Transfer your DVD library to your player where it is safe and easy-to-use?
Sounds like a dream, right? Well, not any more—now we have MadBoy STOCKER!

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Do you need hard drive?

Maybe you still need...

MadBoy STOCKER is the new generation karaoke player that has been developed by actually listening to fans of karaoke. The main starting point was E A S E  O F  U S E.

You can store your songs, music and your own singing performances on the player’s hard disc. Playback is also simple—no disc changes required! The handy search function finds your favorite song by the name of the artist or the song. STOCKER plays songs in most known karaoke formats on the market (excl. MP3+G). STOCKER also works as a regular DVD player.

Buying karaoke songs has never been easier. Just connect the player to the Internet and off you go! You can choose from an unlimited selection of songs from karaoke disc suppliers around the world. You can buy songs one at a time.Of course you can still buy your songs on disc, which means you get to keep the disc on your shelf after uploading the songs to your player.

You control the device using the included remote control. The controls on the front panel also allow you to adjust the tone, echo and pitch of the mics and the music. By using a mouse and a keyboard, the player becomes even easier to use. You can also use the player’s TFT screen to control the device.

MadBoy is actively developing the device’s software.



  • Easy to use hard drive dock 
  • Connect your player to internet by using ETHERNET or WLAN
  • Digital Key Control, Navigation, direct access to tracks and other common control buttons on front panel for remote free navigation
  • Microphone inputs: 2 x 6.3 Jack and 2 x XLR
  • Volume-, bass-, mid- and treble controls for both mic channels 
  • Volume-, bass-, mid- and treble controls for music
  • Studio quality REVERB echo for vocals
  • 4.3” TFT Display
  • High quality Digital Key Control (Designed in Europe)
  • 3 x USB port
  • 1 x SD Card reader
  • 1 x HDMI Output
  • 2 x RCA-Stereo output (audio)
  • Heavy duty metal design 


  • 1 x MadBoy STOCKER
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1 x Manual